FA Cup exemption for Blues

While Blues will have to wait to find out who they play in the Emirates FA Cup, they have been informed by the Football Association that they will be exempt until the first qualifying round, which is scheduled for the weekend of 8/9th September.

*Due to the restructuring of The FA National League System which has affected Step 3 and 4, there will be 16 Step 3 clubs that are not exempt to the First Round Qualifying and will instead enter the competition in the Preliminary Round. These clubs will be the 16 lowest ranked newly promoted Step 3 clubs based on their points per game (PPG) from the 2017-2018 season.

The other dates for the competition are as follows:

Second Round Qualifying Saturday 22 September 2018

Third Round Qualifying Saturday 6 October 2018

Fourth Round Qualifying Saturday 20 October 2018

First Round Proper Saturday 10 November 2018

Second Round Proper Saturday 1 December 2018

Third Round Proper Saturday 5 January 2019

Fourth Round Proper Saturday 26 January 2019

Fifth Round Proper Saturday 16 February 2019

Quarter Final Saturday 16 March 2019

Semi Final Saturday 6 April 2019

Final Saturday 18 May 2019

Prize money in the competition this season is shown below. If anyone can explain why a Premier League club will receive money for winning the semi AND losing the final, I’d be intrigued to know

irst Round Qualifying winners        £6,000
Second Round Qualifying winners     £9,000
Third Round Qualifying winners       £15,000
Fourth Round Qualifying winners      £25,000
First Round Proper winners               £36,000
Second Round Proper winners          £54,000
Third Round Proper winners              £135,000
Fourth Round Proper winners         £180,000
Fifth Round Proper winners  £360,000
Quarter Final winners  £720,000
Semi Final losers  £900,000
Semi Final winners  £1,800,000
Final runners-up  £1,800,000
Final winners  £3,600,000