BSFC Match Day Risk Assessment

Dear all – At last we have been given the green light to watch live football again by the Government and the FA.  We have today, Wednesday pm, been given the guidance.   As you may have read there is a strict capacity of 300 supporters allowed for the first phase (rising to 600 if the first phase is successful). 


We have decided that, for this Saturdays match (22nd August) that all attendance will have to be “pre-booked”.  What we need you to do is to email with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Contact details (email or phone)
  • How many tickets you want (max 6)
  • Names of your guests (it will be your responsibility to contact your guests should there be a need in the following 21 days).
  • Home or away turnstile (please use the “correct” turnstile),
  • Conformation that you (and your party) are COVID-19 symptom-free,
  • Whether you want to sit or stand.

There is a downloadable form that you can use click here.


We will allocate the 300 tickets (some to the opposition) on a “first-come, first-served” approach and will confirm, via email, whether, or not, you have been successful.   Only turn up if you have been told that you have been successful.   We will print a list of names for each turnstile. 

We will also be operating a credit card payment option for entry to the ground and car park aswell as cash. £5 entry to the game and £1 to park your car.

Patrons can also pay for season tickets at Saturday’s game by credit card.


On the day please arrive early as we have no real idea how long it will take to “process” everyone. 

  • Go to the allocated home or away turnstile,
  • Queue (following social distancing rules), there will be a station before the turnstile to check you and your parties names (substitutions are allowed but not wholesale please), ensure you sanitise your hands, ask you all to confirm that you are symptom free and to issue a “checked” slip to allow you to pass through the turnstiles.   
  • Andy or Tom will take the slip and payment as usual as you proceed through the turnstiles.  Unfortunately, it is still, currently, cash only. 
  • Once in the ground please make your way, following the signs to your chosen (and allocated area).  It might be numbered seats in the stand or the area behind a goal. 
  • We are not adopting a one-way system at this point but will have “give-way” signs at pinch points around the ground – please respect these.   
  • Masks are optional – but we would prefer you to wear one – especially when queuing.


Hopefully these “rules” are logical and self-explanatory.  We are in the spotlight and doing our best to ensure a safe and compliant return to “normal” football.


Your understanding and ongoing support is important to us.


BSFC Management Team