Blast from the past

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By Andrew Cornell

By far the most significant event on this day in the history of BSFC was also the last game played on this date – the last ever competitive game at Rhodes Avenue.

It was a miserable day as you might expect weatherwise with a grey mist hanging over the ground all through the game until darkness descended and you couldn’t see it. Despite it being the last Saturday before Christmas and the opposition, Yeading, hardly being a big attraction there was a respectable crowd there for a league game. The first half was instantly forgettable with neither team looking like scoring.

Things were to get worse however as early in the second half Yeading took the lead. Were we really going to say goodbye to Rhodes Avenue with a defeat to Yeading? Then Blues luck changed. A soft penalty was given when Dave Greene stumbled as he was challenged and Steve Greaves gave Blues the equaliser. This helped Stortford fans find their voice and substitutes Thomas and Wardley gave us more pace on the wings helping to create chances for Adekola, Antoine and Shuttlewood. Finally on 73 minutes Dave Greene beat his marker to score the last and winning goal. A quarter of an hour of nerves followed before the whistle went and the old ground had been seen off with a win.


The last weekend before Christmas is traditionally a bad time for football attendances with other attractions/distractions and in 1991 Stortford tried a new approach. At the suggestion of Dave Ryan the league game against Wokingham Town that weekend was played on the Friday evening. Unfortunately 1991-92 was a relegation season for Blues and Wokingham were placed third and the result was not the one which would have attracted any floating supporters back. Steve Sailsman gave us the lead with a great swerving shot into the Thorley end goal. The turning point came when Terry Milbourne was sent off for handball. Wokingham scored five against the 10 men and that was then end of the experiment with Friday night football. The attendance incidentally was 311 broadly similar to the immediately preceding games. This in itself was a plus point as you would expect a drop in attendance for the last game before Christmas.


2008 BSFC 2 Weston super Mare 1 – Conference South

Eyre, Jones, Patterson, Hopkins, Champion, Goodacre, Green, Deen, Jackman, Smith, Forshaw Subs: Essandoh, Dean, Mason Unused: Hyem, Wixon Scorers: Goodacre. Smith


1997 BSFC 2 Yeading 1 – Isthmian League Premier Division

King, Dillnut, Day, Jordan, Shuttlewood, Greaves, Edwards, Antoine, Adekola, Cooper, Greene Subs: Thomas, Wardley, Sedgwick Scorers: Greaves. Greene


1994 BSFC 0 Sawbridgeworth Town 1 – Eastern Floodlight Competition

G King, Edmonds, Jordan, Gunn, Salmon, Parratt, Comerford, Yeoman, Das, Burns, Le Bihan Subs: Hendricks Not Used: Munn, P King


1991 BSFC 1 Wokingham Town 5 – Isthmian League Premier Division

Corbett, Boyce, Sailsman, Went, Harrigan, Brownjohn, Piper, Stewart, Lawford, Petrou, Milbourne Sub: Sedgwick Not Used: Katsiounis Scorer: Sailsman


1988 BSFC 0 Farnborough Town 1– Isthmian League Premier Division

Taylor, Moore, Tamblyn-Jones, Harrigan, McCayna, Hoddle, Young, Weddell, English, Milbourne, Ryan Subs: Barker Not Used: Ray


1986 Trowbridge Town 0 BSFC 1– FA Trophy 1st Round

Taylor, Wickenden, Goodchild, Glozier, Hull, Hopkins, Nunn, Fergusson, Hardy, Wood, Weddell Subs: Templeton Not Used: Mayes, Tomkins Scorer: Goodchild


1983 BSFC 3 Metropolitan Police 1– Isthmian League Cup 3rd Round

Jacobs, Wickenden, Brown, Hull,Armsby, Hopkins, Avery, Brooks, Robb, Jennings, Lawrence Sub: Luque Scorers: Hopkins, Robb, Jennings


1975 BSFC 4 Leggatts Way OB 2 – Herts Senior Cup 1st Round

Kitson, Springham, Davis, Flack, Clarke, Mulkern, Leakey, Vickers. MacKenzie, Twigg, Watson Sub: Gaine Scorers: Davis, Mulkern, Leakey, Twigg


1969 Dagenham 1 BSFC 0 – Athenian League Premier Division

Cernis, Mitchell, King, Gough, Ryan, Hill, Whyte, Duggan, Devaux, Moss, Chappell

Sub: Petchey


1958 Brentwood & Warley 5 BSFC 3 – Delphian League

Cook, Lloyd, Atkinson, Hanley, Newman, Williams, Adamson, Yates, Horton, Rapson, Francis Scorers: Horton (3)


1947 Pinner 1 BSFC 1 – Spartan League Premier Division

Sullivan, Este, Bradford, Lambert, Hubbock, Beatty, Jordan, Giles, Broom, Shakespeare, Barrs Scorer: Broom


1930 Apsley Res 2 BSFC 0 – Spartan League Division 2 East

Vasey, Wright, Spring, I Lawrence, Chapman, D Haylock, Martin, A Haylock, Badcock, Piper,

H Lawrence


1919 BSFC 2 Hertford Town 0 – East Herts League Division 1

Boxall, Smith, Walker, Newey, Flux, Chapman, Clarke, Wright, Pettit, Brazier, Sowerbutts Scorers: Wright, Sowerbutts


1902 Hoddesdon Town 3 BSFC 0 – East Herts & District League Division 1

Fuller, Dalley, Adams, Markwell, Reeve, Tebbutt, Alderton, Holland, Tyson, Armstrong, Atkinson

Author: Dave Ryan