Blast from the past

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Fifty-two years ago on this day Blues suffered one of their heaviest ever defeats losing 10-2 away to Cambridge Town (now City). To be fair Stortford had almost gone into hibernation during the war and had been playing a handful of friendlies against military teams mainly. Six months into peace and they were fielding very inexperienced teams and having a hard time of it. Luckily the Spartan League recognised the difficulties many teams were having and there was no relegation at the end of the 45-46 season.

The most recent game on this date was a scoreless draw away to Bognor Regis – unusual this as Blues often win at Bognor and often score a lot of goals. Obviously the manager was satisfied with the team’s performance though as he left himself on the bench.

Back in 1992 goals weren’t a problem with a 4-1 win at home to Essex rivals Billericay Town. Marc Das helped himself to a hat-trick that day with the other goal from Lee Burns. Before that Stortford hadn’t scored a goal on this date for 41 years since a 3-1 win over Rainham Town in the Delphian league with a goal from another great Stortford name – Ken Yates.

2001 Bognor Regis Town 0 BSFC 0 – Isthmian League Division1

Desborough, Hannigan, Riches, Bowen, Fannon, Taylor, Double, Beale, John, Paul, Braham

Sub: Southam Unused: Hayes, Allison


1999 Croydon 0 BSFC 2 – Isthmian League Cup 3rd Round

Day, Fannon, Hoy, Paxton, Bowen, Comerford, Benstock, Hayes, Willock, Waldron, Braham

Subs: Goodwin, Langer Unused: Winger Scorers: Willock, Waldron


1998 Enfield 1 BSFC 0 – Isthmian League Full Members Cup 3rd Round

King, Waldron, Dalli, Snowden, Honeyball, Clark, Dimmock, Adamson, Cooper, Winger, Gough

Subs: Foot, Cooksey, Baillie


1992 BSFC 4 Billericay Town 1 – Isthmian League Division 1

King, Jordan, Claridge, Edmonds, Hopkins, Harrigan, Das, T Burns, Walker, L Burns, Ingielewicz Sub: Petrou Unused: Dance Scorers: Das (3), L Burns


1990 Aylesbury United 1 BSFC 0 – Isthmian League Premier Division

Taylor, Jackman, Risley, Hopkins, Harrigan, Went, Hardwick, Bedford, Gayle, Miles, Manderson Subs: Young, Tamblyn-Jones


1987 Kingstonian 1 BSFC 0 – Isthmian League Cup 3rd Round

Taylor, Hopkins, Nunn, Hull, McCayna, Fleming, Cassidy, Wood, Gayle, Sorrell, Weddell   Subs: Zacchau, Barker


1979 Camberley Town 1 BSFC 0 – Isthmian League Division 1

Henry, Blackman, Bradford, M Smith, Cooper, Knapman, Coakley, Eason, Bass, Worrell, Radford Sub: Home


1973 Kingstonian 0 BSFC 0 – Isthmian League Division 1

Moore, Gibson, Lawrence, Webb, Still, Tone, Leakey, Dear, Bass, Mitchell, Payne

Sub Unused: Scott


1962 Aveley 0 BSFC 0 – Delphian League

Cherry, Yell, Atkinson, Pope, Neeves, Wilson, Harkness, Collett, Gough, Smith, Francis


1956 Brentwood & Warley 3 BSFC 0 – Delphian League

Kearsley, Duncan, Atkinson, Lloyd, Carter, Price, Adamson, Yates, Clark, Horton, Francis


1951 BSFC 3 Rainham Town 1 – Delphian League

Fraser, Dady, Bradford, Lambert, Halladay, ???, Whittaker, Yates, Brown, Atkinson, Giles   Scorers: Yates, Brown (2)


1945 Cambridge Town 10 BSFC 2 – Spartan League Eastern Section

Wood, Springham, Cunningham, Mealing, Search, Holgate, Stamp, Bayford, Knox, Elliott, Henderson   Scorers: Knox, Elliott


1934 Watford BL 3 BSFC 2 – Herts Senior Cup 1st Round

Vasey, Spring, Humphreys, Peck, Ship, Sharp, Harrington, Bailey, Christmas, Logan, Johnson Scorers: Bailey, Logan


1923 Ware 5 BSFC 1 – Herts County League

Johnson, Smith, Bolt, R E Punter, Brown, de Boltz, Brazier, Wright, Chapman, Freeborn, R A Punter Scorer: Smith

Author: Dave Ryan