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The ‘100 Club’ is being introduced to assist in raising funds for the Club.

The ‘100 Club’ is simplicity in itself to join and every participant gets the chance to win in the monthly draw. Members must be over 16 years old to join and pay by standing order (Cheques are accepted for annual payment – no cash will be collected).

All you need to do is decide HOW MANY NUMBERS YOU WANT, complete your details and the standing order form below and hand it back to the Promoter to get you entered. You will receive a card confirming your monthly number(s) and the winning numbers will be posted on the website and notice boards after each draw.

Although we are calling it the ‘100 Club,’ we will of course run with however many subscribers we can get – the more the merrier!

The rules are simple: The entry tickets are £5 per month if paying by standing order (£60 per year by cheque). The Club will pay out monthly as follows:-

            1st Prize = £150

            2nd prize = £50.00

            3rd prize = £25.00      

Anyone can join, friends, family and work colleagues

Please note that monthly subscriptions must be received before the draw otherwise your numbers won’t be included – so we have made the date of the standing order payments on the 20th of each month.

Click Here to Download Mandate Form

Prize Draw Winners

Month 1st 2nd 3rd
August 2013 Fred Plume Nigel Bentley Trevor Sage
September 2013 Brian Hockley Martin Baghurst Andy Koven
October 2013 Andy Koven Brian Bayford Jeremy Oxborrow
November 2013 Ray Greenwood Tim Snow Steve Couzens
December 2013 Ian Puncher Fred Plume Jeremy Oxborrow
January 2014 Harry Stalley Adam Sydes Ray Greenwood
February 2014 D&G Platten Russell Hardy Martin Baghurst
March 2014 Adam Sydes Michael Sleeman Colin Monk
April 2014 Andy Koven John Lightfoot Sid Oxborrow
May 2014 Jeremy Oxborrow R A Smith Gareth Stephens
June 2014 Dennis Wright Bernard Moule Simon Gentry
July 2014 Pete Bantick Colin Monk Mary Oakley
August 2014 Colin Monk Brian Hockley Ron Smith
September 2014 Darren White Brian Moore Tim Lamb
October 2014 Steve Rose Bob Miller Tim Lamb
November 2014 Michael Sleeman Steve Rose Alan Wylie.
December 2014 Brian Hockley Bob Miller Del & Gill Platten
Feb 2015 Peter Bantick Nigel Bentley Steve Couzens
Mar 2015 Mark Morton David Finn Kevin Dunn
April 2015 Bob Ewett Susan Ewett Adam Sydes
May 2014 Michele Chambers Keith Reed Mick Sleeman
June 2015 Nigel Sheppard Reg Allington David Finn
July 2015 Dennis Wright Brian Bayford Darren Woolard
August 2015 Tom Gardiner Colin Monk Andrew Bubien
September 2015 Andy Stalley Les Abrams Anne Turner
October 2015 John Tabor John Allport Alan Phair
November 2015 Alan Snook Adam Sydes Bruce Whitbread
December 2015 Darren Woollard Paul Hills Gerald Searing
January 2016 Mary Duckworth David Wright Daryl Hoare
February 2016 Del & Gill Platten Glen Thurley Martin Baghurst
March 2016 Graeme Auger Dennis Wright Susan Ewart
April 2016 Tim Hancock Tim Hancock John Lightfoot
May 2016 David Wright Phil Cloughly Darren Woollard